Sharp Eye & the Hedgehog That Didn’t Like Itself

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Sharp Eye & the Hedgehog That Didn’t Like Itself

Sharp Eye & the Hedgehog That Didn’t Like Itself

By: Amer

About the Book

Many of us enjoy quiet, beautiful walk through nature, enjoying our surroundings, and do does a little hedgehog named Hedgie! One day as Hedgie is walking through the forest, it comes upon a stream, sees its reflection, and scowls at the sight. Why is Hedgie so ugly, unlike all of the other forest creatures? Hedgie starts sulking because of its spiky coat, but nearby an eagle named Sharp Eye tries to reassure the hedgehog its coat is not only beautiful but necessary. But will Hedgie believe Sharp Eye and realize its own true beauty?

Sharp Eye and the Hedgehog that Didn’t Like Itself teaches us that we are all different and special in our own way, and we should embrace our uniqueness.


About the Author

Amer is a Stanford graduate and accomplished businessman. He has achieved success, learning to overcome challenges of life’s ups and downs. Amer is a strong advocate of children’s literature and education. He is also an avid reader of philosophy and religion.


(2019, Hardcover, 32  pages)

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