Sharp Eye & the Falcon That Was Trapped

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Sharp Eye & the Falcon That Was Trapped

Sharp Eye & The Falcon That Was Trapped

By: Amer Al-Khayyat

About the Book

High in the sky, among the mountaintops, live the grandest of birds, falcons that fly as fast as the wind. One in particular, Blue Feathers, calls this place its home. As Blue Feathers roams the sky looking for food, it sees a dangling piece of meat. Unaware it is a trap set up by a hunter, Blue Feathers dives down to grab it and is caught in a net.

But not all hope is gone, as Sharp Eye the Eagle sees this unfortunate incident and vows to help Blue Feathers out of the trap! Sharp Eye & the Falcon that Was Trapped shows us what a little teamwork can really accomplish.


About the Author

Amer is a Stanford graduate and accomplished businessman. He has achieved success, learning to overcome challenges of life’s ups and downs. Amer is a strong advocate of children’s literature and education. He is also an avid reader of philosophy and religion.


(2019, Hardcover, 34 pages)


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