Sharp Eye & The Cats That Fought

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Sharp Eye & The Cats That Fought

Sharp Eye & The Cats That Fought

By: Amer Al-Khayyat

About the Book

Two alley cats named Day and Night struggle every day, scrounging for scraps occasionally thrown to them from the butcher. In a dire situation such as theirs, it’s no wonder they find themselves fighting over a particularly large piece of meat.

Desperately pulling and stretching the piece of meat between them, what they don’t realize is if they just share the meat, they will both be satisfied. Sharp Eye the Eagle views the altercation from nearby, and his suggestion just might be the solution they didn’t know they needed . . .

Sharp Eye & the Cats That Fought reminds us that if we work together, great things can happen.


About the Author

Amer is a Stanford graduate and accomplished businessman. He has achieved success, learning to overcome challenges of life’s ups and downs. Amer is a strong advocate of children’s literature and education. He is also an avid reader of philosophy and religion.


(2019, Hardcover, 34 pages)

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