Shaky - eBook

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Shaky - eBook

Written by Anton PreisingerIllustrated by Rebekkah Curtin

In Shaky, we meet a shy little mouse whose view of the world and himself is challenged by a simple, empty book. This discovery changes his life, giving him confidence and courage he didn’t know existed.

Shaky encourages reading and writing, finding courage through understanding yourself, and following your dreams.

About the Author:

Anton Preisinger and his growing family live in the Pacific Northwest. He has worked in microbiology, immunology, and diabetes research and is now an EMT and stay-at-home dad taking classes to prepare for PA school applications. Anton can be contacted about his writing through his site at.

Anton is the founder and director of Northwest Hospitality, a nonprofit organization serving the homeless in Washington State..

Anton has loved to write since he was a youngster, and now that his first story, Shaky, is in print he feels like a kid again. Anton can’t wait to read it to his children. The gorgeous illustrations were done by Rebekkah Curtin.

(2017, eBook)