Sexy, Sassy, Sanctified Woman

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by Elder Yvonne Jones Sexy, Sassy, Sanctified Woman centers on three elements associated with the contemporary Christian female, sketching her character within a spiritual context. Blending scriptural interpretation with an understanding of modern challenges, Elder Jones highlights the process by which every woman can achieve her goals while also fulfilling her God given wisdom. By exploring our need to avoid making superficial judgements, a woman can gain a sense of freedom to share her passions with a fellow sister. Sexy, Sassy, Sanctified Woman affirms our relationship with the divine in our quest to formulate an individual sense of identity as Christian women. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Yvonne Jones draws on her own experiences as a Christian woman, wife, and mother. She is an anointed woman of God with a fresh Word on the cutting edge. Many have stated that her unique delivery and insight in the Word of God will cause your faith to soar. She is an ordained Elder in the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International. (2003, paperback, 60 pages)