Seven Solutions for the Worldwide Systems of Today

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Seven Solutions for the Worldwide Systems of Today
by Vincente Mendoza and Maria-Victoria N. Concepcion We all know we are facing serious problems in the world today with injustice, housing, unemployment, the ecology, education, the economy, and too many weapons of mass destruction. But while the rest of us sit around bemoaning the state of the world, Vicente Mendoza has put his forty-nine years of self-education and quiet study of these problems to work and has come up with some startling solutions for these critical areas which threaten our very existence. He freely admits that his Seven Solutions for the WorldWide Systems of Today may seem a bit extreme or harsh, but with careful logic he shows how each could be implemented to allow for complete equality for everyone across the board. No more would we be faced with the haves and have-nots or complicated class structures. His ideas are a wake-up call for everyone, and may spark others to begin wrestling with these worldwide problems. ABOUT THE AUTHORS Vicente Mendoza was born in Michoacan, Mexico, and has lived in Portland, Oregon, for the last eleven years, where he is employed as a general laborer. Maria-Victoria N. Concepcion was born in Puerto Rico and has also lived in Portland for the last twenty years, where she is a freelance interpreter. (2003, paperback, 76 pages)