Senior Rhapsody

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Senior Rhapsody

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Senior Rhapsody
by Irene Boyer

In Senior Rhapsody, Irene Boyer presents her gift of humor as an ingredient to the recipe for a life filled with the love of family and friends.

Ilene Turners story is a rather special narrative of an intelligent, caring, single mother, who strives to provide the best for her two children, affording them an understanding and openness to people of all lifestyles.

Ilene has lived the life that others expected of her, marriage and children, but has always known that it was not an accurate representation of the woman that she truly is. She has never forgotten that first love, and seeks to recover it in her adult life.

Boyer has captured the essence of this characters being, displaying the admirable traits of real friendship and love between the women in her life, as they experience both good times and bad. Its a true love story.

About the Author

Irene Boyer is a native of Taylor, MI, and mother of two, Raoul and Jodi, who spends her winters in Florida and her summers in Michigan.

Currently retired from the healthcare field, she has a B.S. in Allied Health Management from Madonna University and did her post-graduate work in General Business Administration at Central Michigan University.

A published author, Boyer has received several Editor's Choice Awards from the National Library of Poetry. Her interests include using power tools, painting, tutoring, and playing word and card games.

(2011, paperback, 136 pages)