Rowdy from South of the Mountain - eBook

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Rowdy from South of the Mountain - eBook

Rowdy from South of the Mountain

By: Morain

About the Book

Morain grew up in the south of Pine Mountain in West Virginia in the sixties and seventies, in the shadow of the Vietnam War. Attempting to brew moonshine and ultimately grow marijuana, Morain can’t seem to get any peace as he dodges nosey neighbors, relentless thieves, ruthless local authorities, and even the Feds in helicopters time and time again, each time wondering if it’ll be the end of his growing days and, more gravely, his days as a free man, or if he’ll finally cash in on the “big crop.”

About the Author 

Morain was born on a small hillside farm in Southern West Virginia. His first two years of school were spent in a one-room schoolhouse, followed by a four-year stretch at a four-room school. This led up to graduation in 1972 and living in the life and world described in this book. He built the small fourteen-by-fourteen-foot cabin in the woods featured in the photo on the cover of this book in 1978 and lived in it until 1989.

(2017, eBook)