Rejoice Evermore Poems

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Rejoice Evermore Poems
by Kimberly Lee Cottrill I long to walk with Jesus.
May we hear the Saviours call.
By the precious blood of Jesus, God forgives us all.
Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, and you shall be saved.
A door in heaven is open, for they who look for him.
When I enter the gate of heaven,
Gods light of glory will shine.
Ill see my darling loved ones, no tears in their eyes.
And Jesus is my rainbow; in the clouds of heaven hell come.
A door in heaven is open, for they who look for him.
In this fantastically written hymn of praise, Kimberly Lee Cottrill expresses the passion she has for God for all the wonderful things he does for his children. There are many categories in which she has placed her poems, such as Contentment, Hope, Love, Life, and Death. Cottrill feels we must praise God for all the glory and wonder he shows us and we must never be afraid, for we are in his hands. ABOUT THE AUTHOR A homemaker from Pleasant Valley, West Virginia, Kimberly Lee Cottrill is the mother of one daughter, Gloria. She sings her poetry as hymns at churches near her home. (2007, paperback, 32 pages)