Regrets - eBook

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Regrets - eBook


By: Juan M. Bracete

About the Book

In Regrets, Albert manages to have a successful life despite his trauma of repressed early sexuality. This resulted in Albert’s development of a Peter Pan complex and his inability to establish stable emotional relationships throughout his life.

Albert is a lonely, well-educated man, aware that some of his experiences mirror situations depicted in films. His story also touches on modern sexual tourism, as Albert is an extensive world-traveler.

The author hopes that this book will resonate with readers who may be trying to pick up the pieces of their own lives. Even though we may all have regrets, there is always hope that the loneliness and solitude will end.


About the Author

Juan M. Bracete was born and raised in Puerto Rico and presently resides in Miami, Florida.

Mr. Bracete earned his Bachelor of Science Degree from Georgetown University and his law degree from The University of Puerto Rico School of Law. After having practiced law for a number of years in Puerto Rico and Florida, Mr. Bracete entered the United States Foreign Service and was stationed in Latin America for a stretch of four years. He left the Foreign Service to relocate to El Salvador. From 2004 to 2009, Mr. Bracete was a special advisor on public international law to the Minister of Governance and Public Security in El Salvador. Mr. Bracete retired from the Social Security Administration in 2017 after having served for seven years as an attorney-advisor at various disability adjudication offices of that institution.


(2019, eBook)