Reality Cheque - eBook

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Reality Cheque - eBook

Reality Cheque

By: Tom Carley


About the Book

Reality Cheque was written to open the eyes of the financially uneducated to the means by which banking and lending institutions work in order to rid you of your money. It is a roadmap to using their rules against them in order for you to get ahead. It also spells out the many ways that the rich use in order to get ahead of you and how to use those rules to get ahead yourself, how being a business owner, no matter how small, is so much more advantageous to being an employee.

In current economic times, having enough knowledge to ask the pertinent questions and where to find answers is very important. After all, knowledge is power. The economic elite don't want you to have a financial education and can hide that information only so long as you don't know that it exists. This book changes that. It opens the doors to hidden information that can change YOUR FINANCIAL LIFE. It isn't meant to answer all one's questions but rather light a fire in oneself to ask more and drive you to get the answers.


About the Author

T. Carley was born in Reno, Nevada, on May 20, 1968. When he turned six years old, his mother moved their family back to Newfoundland, where she had grown up. Here he spent his childhood and early adulthood. He then spent nine years in the Canadian Armed Forces, his home unit being 36 Newfoundland Service Battalion, and during that time put himself through nursing school to become an RN.

In 1997, Carley moved back to the States to begin his career. He worked in many facets of nursing but spent 18 of his 20-plus years as a critical care nurse. During these years he also met and married his wife, who recently passed after a 13-year battle with cancer. He is a single dad of a 15-year-old boy named Ashton, who is exceptionally intelligent and the center of his dad’s world.

Over the years of working and raising a family, Carley became acutely aware that there was an easier and better way to make, save, and invest money. So his journey began and this book is the result of all that accumulated research and personal knowledge—a map, if you will, to your own possibilities.


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