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by D.L. Jones

This great country was reeling after a bloody Civil War and rife with the rush to rebuild and, finally, settle the West. In the midst of the turmoil, young cavalry officer Carlos Quintana is thrust into the spotlight of national hero, after he saves President Johnson from an attempt on his life. Plots of daring and intrigue happen as the ever-expanding U.S. government sends Quintana and his men on secret and dangerous missions such as going after the Quantrill Gang, putting down a Mexican rebellion in Texas and escorting wagon trains of Mormons through hostile territory. During this time he is dogged by a relentless US Marshal determined to bring Quintana to trial for a double murder. Quintanas adventures take him home to Missouri country, but his work turns personal when his brother is murdered and he must hunt down the killer.

Quintana is the story of an American hero, a man whose rigid loyalty to his country causes him to turn against it because of its brutal treatment of Native Americans. He is buoyed through it all by his bond with several close friends and comrades from the cavalry, as well as his family and young bride, navigating the balance between loyalty and principle, between family and duty, between soldier and rancher in the rapidly changing and dangerous West.

About the Author:

D. L. Jones taught history for thirty-one years. Raised in Montana, Wyoming, and Oregon, Jones also creates Western artwork, co-founding Black Feather Art in 2005 and specializing in historical-themed shadow boxes which feature Native American and legendary Wild West characters. He lives in Oregon.

(2017, Paperback, 438 pages)

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