Prelude to Dawn

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Prelude to Dawn

Prelude to Dawn

by M.M. Bergun

About the Book

He looked deep in my eyes until he hit truth. Through his expression I felt the love and appreciation that he couldn’t find words to fit mine. He didn’t need to, every day, this place, the thoughtfulness he put into today were what my confessions were responding to… and were the perfect queue: He pulled himself out of the water tall and strong, the moonlight glowing on his wet skin. My gladiator, my warrior, my angel, my silver glowing man rising high among the stars, right there next to the moon and my dawn.



Prelude to Dawn is a soothing therapy and a place to go when you are in need of release. Unlocked are the most hidden and intimate parts of sensual fantasy that will quench your heart’s deepest desires.

About the Author

 M. M. Bergun was born and lives in Mexico. Having lived a life so alienated to her former ways, she often finds herself in need of an escape, an alternate world that diminishes her crude reality, enhances her senses, eludes her voids – a world of fantasy, sensuality, romance, and ravishing eroticism came to life from within the depths of her core. She places a very significant part of her re-found self-esteem in the making of this three-part story, a story that has helped her through her worst times in life. She wishes it will grant her the best times in a life she has yet to discover.

(2017, Paperback, 252 pages)

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