Prelude to Dawn

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Prelude to Dawn

Prelude to Dawn

by M.M. Bergun

About the Book

Young Shazarrehi Asrahl landed rear on face into Brendan O’Donnell’s constricting arms. A harem princess? An educated Quimala? A sex slave? A helpless witness? You will soon find out but meanwhile a 27 year old police officer becomes her tutor and legal guardian. Shazarrehi, Meghan; the names she’s given by WITSEC, needs to learn healthy, morally correct and traditional American customs well and fast! Before her Arabian father finds her and brings her back to the Sheik, before her age reaches liberation point and before lust turns into love.

   Modernizing Meghan has Brendan traveling a demanding, igniting, highly exciting and sizzling trip… Being “tricked” like all Talic girls, into archaic cultural practices and customs always aiming to stump women’s sensuality and pleasurable growth, Brendan must smelt Meghan’s customs and his, Talic50- American50, 20-80 or 100-0 till they reach that point where she can disassociate pleasure from guilt, choice from command and love from service.

   Given the haste of deadlines and pursue issues and having to break or file centuries of retrograde and savage traditions, Brendan must guide her steps using harsh yet assertive punishment means, illustrative eye-openers and show and tell blunt sexuality 101 lessons. Always topped off with a care felt, spicy and patient “pep talk” to close cycles. As this amazing ginger fiery volcano of unexplored emotions takes a step closer to civility, tender growth and gushing awakenings.

   This novel is that exciting sort of something so unexplored that we’ve always kept deep within us and up to now, never came across so openly! Power aimed to free and not to control. Strength meant to direct and correct. Force meant to heal. Lust meant to love.

   Embrace these unprecedented characters! Spike your swelling curiosity and bear the hot flashes! That’s if you’re ready to let those most personal fantasies you’d so intimately concealed… finally gallop free!

About the Author

 M. M. Bergun was born and lives in Mexico. Having lived a life so alienated to her former ways, she often finds herself in need of an escape, an alternate world that diminishes her crude reality, enhances her senses, eludes her voids – a world of fantasy, sensuality, romance, and ravishing eroticism came to life from within the depths of her core. She places a very significant part of her re-found self-esteem in the making of this three-part story, a story that has helped her through her worst times in life. She wishes it will grant her the best times in a life she has yet to discover.

(2017, Paperback, 252 pages)

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