Portrait of Dr. Nevius, Mad Psychiatrist

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Portrait of Dr. Nevius, Mad Psychiatrist
by Bert Nayfack Dr. Nevius is a complex and displaced character who comes vividly alive for us in this evocative story. We see his feelings, his thoughts, his hopes, and his fears in a compelling series of vignettes. Each presents a different aspect of this subtle doctor; then a shake of the kaleidoscope changes the pattern yet again. Dr. Nevius struggles to stand up to the pressures, financial and otherwise, to medicate his patients to the point of sedation. The health maintenance organizations and the pharmaceutical companies find it easier and more profitable to numb the symptoms than to actually solve the problems. Dr. Nevius is a sane subversive within the madness of the professional ranks. ABOUT THE AUTHOR A psychiatrist himself, Bert Nayfack is originally from New York City, but he now prefers to live in the country, where he gardens and paints. (2005, paperback, 300 pages)