Pongo the Puppy Who Likes Potato Chips

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Pongo the Puppy Who Likes Potato Chips

Pongo the Puppy Who Like Potato Chips

By: Sherry F. McRae Sims

About the Book

Pongo the puppy loves potato chips. He never lets them fall from his lips. Pongo and his adoptive owner learn that if you work hard, you can earn your own chips.

Follow Pongo and Sherry across the delightfully illustrated pages of Pongo the Puppy Who Likes Potato Chips as they enter into a contest and Pongo learns all the tricks he needs to get the chips he wants.



About the Author

Sherry F. McRae Sims is a proponent of pet adoption. She hopes children will see the benefits of pet adoption after reading Pongo the Puppy Who Likes Potato Chips. Sherry’s motto is, “Let every puppy who needs a hug or a toy, get one.”

Sherry was born in Columbus, Ohio, and currently resides in Pennsylvania with her husband, Kenneth, who is the best partner God could have given her. She is a member of New Life Family Worship Center in Franklin, Pennsylvania.


(2018, Hardcover, 32 pages)

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