Polly Browne...And the Secret

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Polly Browne...And the Secret

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Polly Browne...And the Secret
by Teresa Tart

Do you know the stories of your ancestors, of how they lived and of how they came to be the people they were? Polly Browne was born in Ireland in 1840, and as a young girl, she survived the devastation of the Potato Famine. After her father, mother, brother, and two sisters died, her two oldest brothers led her to Dublin, where she was raised by an aunt and uncle. Her brothers then left to continue on their own, and Polly never heard from them again.

Polly BrowneAnd the Secret traces the story of Polly Brownes family through two world wars from the perspectives of her daughter, Molly; her granddaughter, Alice; and her great-granddaughter, Lucy. When Lucy learns a secret of her familys past, can she keep it? Will she find out what happened to her great-grandmothers brothers after they left Dublin? Read Polly BrowneAnd the Secret, a tribute to one familys struggles and joys, to find out.

About the Author

A native of Liverpool, England, Teresa Tart has lived in Australia for thirty years. Teresa has two children, Antonino and Donna Marie, and she is widowed. In her spare time now that she is retired, Teresa enjoys drawing, painting, and writing. She was inspired to write Polly BrowneAnd the Secret out of curiosity of her family history.

(2008, paperback, 114 pages)