Poetry, Lyrics, and Reflections

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Poetry, Lyrics, and Reflections
by Cosmos Through his poetic reflections and observations of love, life, faith, and his personal journey through life, Cosmos Vincent Moses Sr.s readers are treated to a firsthand glimpse of his heart and soul in Poetry, Lyrics, and Reflections, a collection of original poetry and poignant song lyrics. He shares a deep love for his mate and his God through verse such as I Make You Over, Night Thing Baby, and Enduring Faith painting such a descriptive image of her. Readers can imagine her standing before him in all her beauty, and of his God in this powerful, touching and uplifting verse: You light up my life
with your bold sense of power
You attract all thats good
as I live every hour
You are a joy in my soul
I have never beheld any other In verse such as My Island Home, New York, New York, and This Is the Time, he urges his readers to take note of their environment and appreciate its beauty while being mindful of the damage they are inflicting on the fragile balance of nature through careless ways: Brown skies and acidic firmament
No lungs to hold it
And none we can invent
Our greed has caused it and never will it end
Are our lives destined, how can we cause it to mend Poignant and personal, original and unique, provocative and passionate, Cosmos Vincent Moses Sr. has penned a collection of verse sure to make his readers pause and reflect. ABOUT THE AUTHOR A native of Grenada and Trinidad, West Indies, Cosmos Vincent Moses Sr. and his wife, Veronica, presently live in Mt. Vernon, New York, with their children, Kimberly and Cosmos Jr. Mr. Moses is a real estate broker who is the owner and accountant for Cosmos Real Estate, Inc. In his spare time he enjoys observing nature and people, reading, and helping worthy causes. (2006, paperback, 68 pages)