Pieces of a Man

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Pieces of a Man

Pieces of a Man

By: T.K. Newman

About the Book

Pieces of a Man is a collection of poems by T.K. Newman dating back to his early manhood. This is a reflection of his past loves, lost loves, troubles, transgressions, and personal reflection. The narrations are based on his thoughts, feelings, experiences, and creative ideas. In whole, these are pieces that have helped define who he is as a man today. These words are his coping mechanism, as well as the blueprint to his personal growth and self-preservation.


About the Author

Born in Los Angeles, T.K. Newman has lived in Inglewood, south central Los Angeles, Compton, Gardena, and Long Beach. He has been writing since he was ten years old. His other interests include sports, traveling, creating/recording/ listening to music, and going to the movies. He believes his upbringing and the era of his youth birthed and developed his creativity and imagination.


(2018, Paperback , 54 pages)

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