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The Infinite Abyss

By: Rahmel Garner

About the Book

Rahmel Garner’s Philosophy: The Infinite Abyss is a book for thinkers. In his unique style, Garner explores the vastness of the mind and the moral structure of the human being. He puts convention aside to provide readers with an opportunity for psychogenic-spiritual growth. He teaches that learning-and-living is a religion that reveals the many realities of illusion and truth and of suffering and salvation.

Philosophy addresses the laws of the mind and the specific characteristics that make us human. Garner discusses the illusion of time, humanity’s everlasting pursuit of wisdom, and asks serious questions about life and existence. Why don’t people attain the perfection they seek? What are the realities of illusion and truth? What does self-renunciation do for someone’s conscious quality of life? Garner’s fusion of philosophy, ethics, morality, and psychology will change readers’ lives and empower even the most apathetic of souls.


About the Author

Rahmel Garner is a writer who focuses on fundamental questions and issues of philosophy. He believes all people desire spiritual or psychogenic growth and will spend their lives in pursuit of it. His writing has been praised as enlightening works of philosophical nonfiction. Garner lives in New York City.


(2019, Paperback, 62 pages)

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