Overcoming Fear by Michelle Z. Pierce

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Overcoming Fear by Michelle Z. Pierce
Fear. Its something we all have experienced, something we all have needed to overcome. In this collection of meditative essays drawn heavily from the influence of Christianity on the authors life, Michelle Pierce gives us insight into the definition of fear, the ways it manifests itself in our lives, and what you can do to overcome your fear. Throughout Overcoming Fear, Ms. Pierce offers biblical passages that you can use to overcome your fears, showing how the Bible can be used as a problem-solving tool to use during the course of our everyday lives. To overcome fear is to overcome Satan, who is in opposition to God. By conquering fear, we conquer the forces of evil; we are on Gods side. In the end, the Christian act of taking on the mind of Christ is rewarded with peace and joy and a resilience in the face of fear; a valuable gift in these uncertain times.
ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Born and raised in Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina, Michelle Z. Pierce is employed at International Paper Company, where she is a tall oil operator. She is the chief intercessor at First Baptist Church in Weldon, North Caroline, as well as the tribe coordinator for her church for the Twelve Tribe Ministry. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, reading the Bible, walking, and listening to gospel music.