Obstruction of Justice

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Obstruction of Justice

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Obstruction of Justice
by Valerie Burke

Children need their mothers not only for financial support but also, and more importantly, for emotional and spiritual stability. These are the building blocks of their identity as adults. These will decide whether they become productive citizens or not.

But how long can a mother stand to be away from her children?

In Obstruction of Justice, Valerie Burke recounts the events of her life and her passage into motherhood, which she chose over a promising college career playing varsity basketball. She details her trials during the battle for her children, in and out of court. And although at some point during all this she lost sight of God, she never completely lost her faith, nor did God abandon her.

About the Author

Valerie Burke presently resides in Tennessee and works as a licensed practical nurse. In writing this book, she draws inspiration from her personal struggles and her faith in God that pulled her through the difficult times.

If one chooses to overcome adversity, Valerie says, this starts with a healing process, as well as closure. For me, this happens at a beach. I travel every year to a beach in the U.S. or outside of this country. A beach isnt a reminder of where I was because of adversity, but a reminder of how far I have come.

(2011, paperback, 30 pages)