Nicky, Get Up!

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Nicky, Get Up!

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Nicky, Get Up!
by Barbara Witherspoon

Many young readers will recognize themselves in Nicky, Get Up! and their parents are likely to as well.

On Monday morning, the battle to get Nicky out of bed and ready for school begins, and the same conversation repeats on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday as his mother tries determinedly to get him dressed and out the door. On Friday, however, Mom is in for a pleasant surprise. What is so different about this day?

About the Author

Barbara Witherspoon is a native of Nassau, Bahamas, and currently resides in Florida, where she works as a nursing assistant providing hospice care. She is the mother of two boys, Nicolas and George, and in addition to writing, she enjoys spending time cooking, reading the Bible and other books, and watching movies.

(2009, paperback, 30 pages)