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by Vincent Arthurs R.N.

NAKED ANGELS is a candid and engaging account of one mans journey through grief following the death of his twin brother. After living through childhood abuse and battling rampant homophobia together as adults, Victor and Vincent are very much two halves of one whole. When Victor loses his battle with mental illness, Vincent is left to deal with severe trauma and the nearly overwhelming challenge of building a new life for himself. Through psychotherapy, Vincent has been able to reveal truths about his life with his twin and has learned to call himself a survivor.

The foreward for NAKED ANGELS is written by Dr. Barbara Klein, one of the foremost recognized authorities on twinship. Vincent Arthurs also draws on his many years as an R.N. and his experiences in dealing with traumatic death situations. This life-changing memoir is a true tale of the triumphs and tragedies of twinship.

About the Author

Victor and Vincent Arthurs were born in a small fishing village in rural New Brunswick, Canada, called Blacks Harbour, and moved as children to their mothers home in Browns Flat.

They left home after graduation from high school by means of the Katimavik youth program.

Vincent pursued secondary education as an R.N. and Victor as an LPN.

They lived and worked in Moncton, New Brunswick, where Victor passed away from suicide on July 17, 2009.

Vincent continues to live and work in Moncton with his three cats, Duncan, Davidde, and Raffeal (who was Victors cat before he passed).

(2014, Paperback, 86 pages)