My Firefly Friend

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My Firefly Friend

by Cheryl Lott 

They only come out at night, those dancing, flitting pinpoints of light. And there are children all over the world, glass jar in one hand, lid with holes in the other, leaping and jumping as they try to capture these lights for their very own. What are they – fairies? Nope, they’re fireflies!

What child hasn’t tried to catch a jarful of fireflies to light up her room? That warm yellow glow attracts our attention as they dip and sway under trees and around bushes, and some even seem to be attracted back to us as they hover near our heads, seeming to say, "Here I am, catch me if you can!"

In My Firefly Friend, one little girl has a special firefly who visits her every night, glowing just outside her window as she is tucked into her bed ready to sleep. Although she wants very much to catch him with her jar, she also appreciates his beauty as he flits freely through the night, returning to visit when he knows she is waiting for him.

About the Author: A teacher in San Antonio, Texas, Ms. Lott makes her home with her husband, Wendell, and three daughters, Charmaine, Courtney, and Kia. (

2003, paperback, 34 pages)