My ABC "Chair" Book - eBook

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My ABC "Chair" Book - eBook

My ABC “Chair” Book

By: Barbara H. Hartsfield


About the Book

My ABC “Chair” Book provides a marketing tool for author Barbara H. Hartsfield’s miniature chair museum, Collectible & Antique Chair Gallery.


                A collector of miniature chairs (not doll furniture) for over thirty years, Barbara established a Guinness World Record of miniature chairs (3,000) in 2008. The chairs are designed as lamps, clocks, teapot, cookie jars, salt/pepper shakers, and much more. To display the chairs, in 2009 she opened a miniature chair museum, Collectible & Antique Chair Gallery, on Main Street in the historic Stone Mountain Village, located in Stone Mountain, Georgia. The museum celebrated its tenth anniversary in May 2019. This three-room museum has received local, national, and international recognition. My ABC “Chair” Book is another unique way to highlight the museum and provide a creative educational tool for young children.      


About the Author


Barbara H. Hartsfield currently lives in Ellenwood, Georgia


(2020, eBook)