Murder in His Eyes

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Murder in His Eyes
by Elida Santoni As a young girl, Lelo loved life, school, and babies. At the tender age of ten she was forced to grow up quickly and take over the responsibilities of a household with six children, quitting school so her mother could go to work to support the family in Puerto Rico. As the years passed and her innocence and naivete was lost, unexpected challenges along her path thoroughly tested her will and determination. Struggling financially and emotionally, and surviving by any means possible, this tenacious woman landed on her feet and is still able to smile, gaze at the moon and stars, see the beauty of the universe and love it, and love those she considers worthy. Murder in His Eyes is a remarkable autobiography of an intriguing womans journey toward independence and spiritual maturity. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Elida Santoni is a native of Puerto Rico and currently resides in Arizona. (2008, paperback, 112 pages)