Murder Behind the Badge

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Murder Behind the Badge

Murder Behind the Badge

By: Dorothy J. Moore

About the Book

In 1980, Officer Ralph Dillman was killed in the line of duty. While it was a tragedy to lose a promising, young officer, the case appeared straightforward and was quickly resolved. However, when, ten years to the day, the commissioner of the Los Angeles Police Department receives a letter alleging the officer's death was premeditated murder, a twisted web of personal relationships and vendettas is brought to light.

At the center of it all is Lieutenant Brad Bradford, the man charged with figuring out what really happened all those years ago. Before the investigation is over, the lieutenant will risk alienating the entire department and the lives of more than one fellow officer—and one or two civilians as well. Every page reveals another layer to this mystery. No one is above suspicion. No one is safe.


About the Author

Dorothy J. Moore was born in St. Louis, Missouri in 1940. She graduated from Manuel High School in Denver, Colorado and studied to become a certified nursing assistant specializing in geriatrics in Los Angeles, a profession she kept for thirty years. Now living in Reno, Nevada, she works for Catholic Charities and the Meals on Wheels program.


(2019, Hardback, 148 Pages)


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