Memories in the Land of Stardust

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Memories in the Land of Stardust

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Memories in the Land of Stardust
by Sharon De Pontes

Thrust down from an unknown galaxy, Star awakens in a strange forest. Unsure of his surroundings and unable to clearly remember his past, this child explores the beautiful land around him, which is full of tunnels, moonlight, and creatures of all kinds. He contemplates the changes he experiences on a daily basis birds learning to fly and caterpillars turning to butterflies and he wonders what type of change will occur within himself. He thinks, Will it bring me to a deeper sense of personal understanding? As he faces his fears and learns to accept these new changes, Star grows in ways he never imagined possible.

About the Author:

Inspired by the beauty of nature, Sharon De Pontes writes to show the world how much we can learn from animals. As someone who has overcome great loss and struggle, including an eye disease that has left her legally blind, Sharon finds strength in the world around her. With her writing, she hopes to capture the powerful spirit in nature for all to enjoy.

(2016, Hardcover, 40 pages)