Marvelous Maxx and the Bumblebee

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Marvelous Maxx and the Bumblebee

Marvelous Maxx and the Bumblee

By: John and Catherine Higgins


About the Book

After being stung by a bumblebee, Maxx realizes he is allergic, and needs to see a doctor right away! What will happen when Maxx meets Doctor Z? Will Maxx be okay?

Future Marvelous Maxx I CAN READ books coming your way include Marvelous Maxx and the: Field Trip, Missing Coin, Shaking Student, 4th of July, Hidden Peanut, Stuck-up Popcorn, Vanishing Heart, Toy Store.

For more Maxx information, see  Twitter @MarvelousMaxx

Let’s Read

  1. Reading with someone: Pre-K to Grade 1
  2. Reading with help: Kindergarten to Grade 2
  3. Reading by myself: Grades 1-3
  4. Reading easily: Grade 2-4


(2021, Paperback, 34 Pages)


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