Love Me Back

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Love Me Back
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Love Me Back
by Cheryl A. Baisden

Saddled with broken ribs, bruises and welts, an uncaring mother, the anguish of lingering sexual abuse, Beth Brown should have ceased to exist long ago. Yet, now, as an adult, she not only prospers in the heart of Kansas City, she also starts to relish the company of dear friends and manages to preserve herself to see the day she is reunited with the long lost love of her life.

In Love Me Back by Cheryl A. Baisden, we stumble upon the gut-wrenching tale of a small town girl who, bursting with love for all that breathes and exists, perseveres despite the forms of ignominy thrown her way.

Its triumphant description of a healing retreat within natures deep reserve, unyielding good will, and the all-overpowering conquest of sincere love invites a second look at all the travails of our tired, inspiration-strapped world.

About the Author

Cheryl A. Baisden is married with two grown daughters and two beautiful grandchildren. Her first mission in life is to be a great wife and loving mother and grandmother.

Cheryl and her husband are entrepreneurs. They have owned and operated Baisden Sand and Gravel, Baisden Excavating, and Happy Valley Mobile Homes Parks.

Their latest venture is their gun and ammo store, Butts and Barrels. Cheryl has never had the experience of having a mother or father who cared. She believes her past has made her stronger and by the Grace of God, she now has a wonderful life. She now shares her experiences with others to help them get through rough times and help them see that there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

(2012, paperback, 90 pages)