Love, Lust, and the Inbetween

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Love, Lust, and the Inbetween

Love, Lust, and the Inbetween

By: MizzGee

About the Book

The theme of this book is love and the struggles that come with it. Within these thirty-four poems, you’ll find heartache, lust, loss, sensuality, and joy. MizzGee’s poetry drips with emotion and pounds across the page like heartbeats, rhythmic as a bass line. Love, Lust, and the Inbetween will remind you that love is not just something created to be used—love itself is a great piece of art.


About the Author

Gellisa Martin (“MizzGee”) started writing in the eighth grade through journal entries and school reports. As time went on, she began to write more, focusing on poetry. She is also the author of Pieces of Me: Rooted in this Life, another book of poems. She lives in New Jersey.


(2018, Paperback, 66 pages)

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