Love Letters in a Box - eBook

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Love Letters in a Box - eBook

Love Letters in a Box

By: E. W. Boening

About the Book

For author E. W. Boening, a simple gathering one day at a friend’s house ended up turning into something much more than simple.

                While talking and enjoying each other’s company, her host jumped up, left the room, and, when she returned, she brought a box of letters to Boening. These letters took Boening’s breath away, as they were filled with such beautiful words of love, which she felt had to be shared with the world.

                Love Letters in a Box gives us a peek into American history from 1902-1912 and the lost art of love letter writing.


About the Author

E. W. Boening was born in Buffalo, New York, and raised on Grand Island, New York, until her family relocated to the Birmingham, Alabama, area. She lives in northern Alabama with her husband of twenty-three years. All together they have six children and thirteen grandchildren. Boening has been a stay-at-home mom, with some outside jobs, such as a limousine owner/operator, deli owner, and upholstery shop owner.


(2018, eBook)