Looking for Love

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Looking for Love

Looking for Love

By: Kimberly Dee Knapp

About the Book

My purpose in writing this book is to connect us all to do what we love in our lives. We are all here to love and be loved. This book is my invitation to explore love, to open a conversation about love and to be willing to choose work you love. I love seeing people enjoying their jobs, feeling great purpose and fulfillment. As we focus on creating value in the world we live happy, healthy and fulfilling lives. We long to find work that feels valuable - to know we make a difference. Many have come to believe that love is outside of them and that they must do something to be lovable. They think love is earned and that they will only be lovable when. Love is always inside us all. Connect with this first, then we can enjoy careers that are fun, innovative and deeply satisfying. When you work for the love of it, it is too much fun to be called work.


(2018, Paperback, 30 pages)

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