Looking for a Little Luck - eBook

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Looking for a Little Luck - eBook

Looking For A Little Luck

By: Gunther E. Woolleey

About the Book

Gunther E. Woolleey met his soulmate, Celia, one night in a mysterious, remarkable encounter. But their love was interrupted and Gunther thought the love of his life was gone forever.

   Over the next five years, Gunther worked tirelessly to make his way back to Celia as he touched and changed the lives of those around him.

Gloria, a boat gifted to him, would soon become his best bet for making his way back to Celia. But would Gunther be able to overcome all of the challenges and obstacles in his way to finally make it back to Celia?

This story is about Gunther’s journey to find happiness and love… with a little bit of luck.


About the Author


Gunther E. Woolleey has worked in the heavy industrial construction industry for the last twenty years. Before that he worked in the culinary world, where he served as the executive chef at some very high profile country clubs across the country.

                Gunther enjoys attending sporting events and has had the privilege of attending many world championships, including the World Series, the U.S. Open, NCAA championship games, and the Super Bowl. He currently lives in Fort Madison, Iowa.



(2019, eBook)