Living in the Spirit of God

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Living in the Spirit of God
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Living in the Spirit of God
by Larna Woods

Do you believe that spirits do exist? Do you believe that the Spirit of God and his angels could really save us in times of distress?

Larna Woods as a child had already been communicating with the spirits and even played with them. Her family, however, didnt believe she could interact with these beings, thinking these were just all in her mind. As she grew up, she wasnt aware that this was a gift until she met a nun who was visiting her mothers aunt in Cincinnati.

The nun gave her signs when it will be known to her. Soon, she dreamed about her youngest brothers impending death. Times passed and her life seemed to be pointless.

One winter day, she heard a voice inside a car driven by her drunken boyfriend, telling her to get out of the vehicle. She obliged, and she and her son were saved from an accident. At the time, she still didnt know her purpose until her mother told her about a church that has members who are like her. She had changed a lot since then and desired to know more about her gift.

About the Author

Larna Woods has over 40 years working with her spiritual gift as a prophetess. Ms. Woods has traveled extensively with opportunities to utilize her gifts with numerous cultures. As an educator and counselor, Ms. Woods has developed empathy and compassion through her life journey. She has been a member of the American Counselor Association since 2003 and the First Baptist Church of Orlando, FL since 2008. Ms. Woods is a freelance writer and spiritual consultant. She loves to cook, travel, sew, and watch sports.

(2012, paperback, 36 pages)