Lines of Sight - eBook

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Lines of Sight - eBook

Lines of Sight

By: James Pavlakis

About the Book

Readers who like well-crafted, insightful poetry will enjoy Lines of Sight. These poems range from witty to philosophical, personal to universal, rhymed and free verse to experimental. They observe or comment on the human condition with clarity and strength.


About the Author

James Pavlakis grew up in Haverhill, Massachusetts, the tenth child in a Greek-American family. He had an experientially rich and happy childhood with a river leading to nature exploration in front of him and neighborhoods behind him full of characters and families of many ethnic backgrounds.


His education includes scholarships and degrees from Marlboro College (BA) and Johns Hopkins University Writing Seminar (MA). His working career featured innovative programs in the field of Human Resource Development.


James has lived for extended periods in Germany, Greece, Australia, Portugal, Iran and Mexico. He now resides in Arizona.


(2018, eBook)