Liam's Town

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Liam's Town

Liam’s Town

By: Marissa Dike

About the Book

Liam lives in a town where nothing ever changes. Every day he wakes up, goes to work in his Grandfather’s shop, and spends time with his friends: fiery Trinity, loud-mouthed Fender, and lovable Jenny. But one day, a terrible storm hits his town, bringing a stranger along with it who threatens everything - and everyone - that Liam has grown to love. Slowly, and much to his horror, Liam realizes that his town and the people inside of it are not everything that they seem to be on the surface, and he is eventually faced with a choice: does he want to remain in blissful ignorance, or does he want to learn about the terrible secrets hiding in his town?


About the Author

Marissa Dike is a classical musician, composer, teacher, a Lord of the Rings nerd, and dog lover. She lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, in a house built in 1890 with her husband, Jacob, and a ghost named Randy.


(2019, Paperback, 220 pages)

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"In Liam’s Town, written by Marissa Dike, an intriguing plot unfolds. Liam soon learns that nothing is as it seems in his town, and he struggles with how to deal with all the new revelations. The author skillfully exposes the reality of Liam’s town in a logical, cohesive manner. There are twists and turns in the plot, keeping the reader engaged throughout the story. The characters are quite interesting, especially as more information is given bit by bit. It is a riveting read, a page-turner from beginning to end. Author Marissa Dike has written a compelling story for young adults in Liam’s Town. This book is an honest depiction of how a person can live in an alternative reality and it is most definitely a fascinating read. It will appeal to readers looking for something unique and different in their reading choices." - Deborah Lloyd, Reader's Favorite