Levity - eBook

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Levity - eBook

by Lewis Karstensson

Prank, antic, caper, chicanery, escapade, exploit, foolery, gag, gambit, high jinks, hoax, lark, monkeyshine, ploy, practical joke, ruse, scheme, shenanigan, trick. Few things in the life of an adolescent are more satisfying, more exhilarating, than taking part in crafting and executing a clever prank and then enjoying the profound sense of accomplishment that comes with the success of the caper.

Levity is a potpourri of humor, funny stuff, gags, about the family and friends of a kid who grew up in Yreka, California, in the 1950s. His paternal family goes back through farmer after farmer to a Protestant priest in 17th century Sweden. This DNA soil sprouted people doing amusing things including an early 20th century relative who was unceremoniously asked to leave Sweden, a sister who acquired the habit of driving the family Ford around town backward in reverse gear, and who himself felled a Christmas tree with a rifle.

Levity is part warm recollection of beloved family members and part humorous stories of adolescent adventures and misadventures. It is also a memento to Yreka, apparently a great place to grow up. Filled with details of memory and imagination, the humor and experiences are universal in appeal.

About the Author:

Lewis Karstensson graduated from Yreka High School in 1957. He earned a BA degree in social science and taught history and economics at Marysville High School for five years. He then earned MA and PhD degrees in economic education at Ohio University. His career thereafter was consumed as professor of economics, initially at North Texas State University and then at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Since 2007 Karstensson has given his retirement over to reading classics, writing a little, watching old episodes of Cheers, M*A*S*H, and Paladin on Netflix, and watching some good golf on the Golf Channel while playing some terrible golf.