Jurassic Underground

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Jurassic Underground

Jurassic Underground: Dinosaur Treasures to be Found

R.V. Bailey


The Morrison Formation, layers of sedimentary rock formed during the Upper Jurassic that still poke through the surface in the flatlands of Wyoming, is the most fertile ground for finding dinosaur fossils in North America. At least it was, until dinosaur hunters and tourists the world over swarmed through the area, stripping the surface bare. These days, with surface fossils few and far between and Interstate 80 allowing cars to race by at 70 miles per hour, no one comes looking for dinosaurs anymore. Except for Mike and Tracy Mackenzie.

            Mike is a geologist who is sitting on a small fortune after discovering gold in Alaska. Tracy is a computer wizard with more than a little business savvy. With their newfound wealth, they dream of exposing the uncovered secrets of the Morrison Formation and opening the greatest underground tourist attraction the world has ever seen. But when they break through to an underground cavern where the warmth of an ancient sun filters through the leaves of long-extinct vegetation, the silhouettes of allosaurs on the horizon tell them they've found something more than just a few fossils.


About the Author

R.V. Bailey was born and raised in the small coal mining town of Hanna, Wyoming, just 30 miles west of the world-famous dinosaur locality known as Como Bluff. After graduating from the University of Wyoming with a degree in geology, R.V. was appointed mine geologist for an underground uranium mine 35 miles north of Como Bluff.  In that position, he developed a new theory on the deposition of uranium in the Eocene sand deposits, a theory which still stands worldwide​ today. Later, he carried out successful gold exploration in Alaska and, after closely observing killer whales, wrote a science fiction novel about them.  Returning to Wyoming and continuing geologic studies, he decided to write about a concept he had conceived years ago: going underground to recover more fossils at Como Bluff. There were no more fossils to be found at the surface. His in-depth knowledge of underground mining, ​the terrain, and wildlife helped bring this novel to life. His interest in Como Bluff and dinosaur fossils grew through viewing the Morrison Formation in southeast Wyoming and while visiting museums and old excavation sites.  R.V.​ has always been interested in dinosaurs, finding their size astounding.