Julie and Horace

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Julie and Horace

Julie and Horace

By: f. smith

About the Book

Julie and Horace: A Love Story of Sorts (I Guess) You Decide follows the romantic misadventures of a young man as he seeks his perfect match. The novel is about settling for less and then realizing that compromising has left you better off. This novel contains loads of laughs, drama, romance, ups and downs, taboo subjects, agreements, screwy disagreements, and plenty of movie, book, and music talk. But is it a love story? You decide.

About the Author

f. smith has written poems and short stories. He believes this somehow gives him permission to write a novel.  "f." lives an uplifting, frightening, serious, and romantic life in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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(2018, Paperback, 148 pages)

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