Jovi Giraffe Learns to Look

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Jovi Giraffe Learns to Look
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Jovi Giraffe Learns to Look
by Patricia Bardina and Joanne Burgess Illustrated by Paul Sharp

Jovi Giraffe wonders why he doesnt have more friends. As he wanders through Omiti Park, he comes across Limbani Lion who offers to help.

The Ducky Friends Series is a childrens book series dedicated to teaching social skills through engaging stories. Jovi Giraffe Learns to Look is a story that teaches the importance of using eye contact when communicating.

About the Author:

Patricia Bardina holds a masters in educational psychology and a masters and doctorate in clinical psychology from the University of Washington. Joanne Burgess studied education at City University in Bellevue, Washington. Prior to graduate school, they worked together teaching social skills to children on the autism spectrum and with other psychological disorders at Seattle Childrens Hospital. Following graduate school, Patricia continued to teach social skills to children with anxiety, attention-deficit disorders, and autism spectrum disorders. Joanne continued to teach social skills to children on the autism spectrum as well as typical kids. She is now a stay-at-home mom to her two children while working on the Ducky Friends Series.

About the Illustrator:

Paul Sharp graduated from the Art Institute in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Freelancing for twenty years, he worked as Art Director in Toys & Games for Random House and as Art Director for Childrens Magazines at Curtis Publishing. His characters appear in numerous childrens books and magazines, as well as brand name packaging, commercials, party goods, apps, and animated interactive media.

(2016, Hardcover, 36 pages)