Journey's County Legend: "Where the Book Lay" - eBook

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Journey's County Legend: "Where the Book Lay" - eBook

Journey's County Legend: "Where the Book Lay"

By: Zapia Swift


About the Book

When Lillian, a God-fearing woman, falls in love with a man who carries a cursed background, this 19th century curse still abides in the forefathers today, wanting to die but cannot, living on in the basement den. Roam the sixth was the only one to free his forefathers.

The curse abides with the family inside of a mystical book titled: THE BOOK OF GOLD—N-WRATH

The curse was only meant for the family, but since “Journey’s County” was such a wicked, sinful place, the curse became greedy and stronger taking form inside a human body as a “Corvo” Battle between “The Mischievous Corvo” and “Diruo Warriors” to save Journey’s County.


About the Author

Zapia Swift enjoys cookouts with family, seafood is favorite food. Zapia writes high fantasy with elements of horror or romance. She loves to encourage talented people and believes faith is the key to success.

Zapia Swift thanks all of those who encouraged her during this process.


(2020, eBook)