Jade's Revenge

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Jade's Revenge

Jade’s Revenge

By: Jessie St. Marie

About the Book

One bad decision can change your life forever...


Jade thought she was auditioning for a part in a martial arts film. Instead, the young karate champion was drugged, kidnapped and sold into the nightmarish world of sex slavery. Using fighting skills perfected over years of practice, Jade kills one of her captors and escapes to the fabulous City of Entertainment—Las Vegas—where a goodhearted war veteran helps her to make a new start working as a massage therapist at a luxury resort on the Las Vegas Strip.


Jade loves her new life until she discovers a sex trafficking ring operating in the very hotel where she works. Unable to turn her back on the young sex slaves being held captive by a band of filthy snakeheads, Jade and her friends scheme on a brilliant but dangerous campaign to bust the ring and save the girls, against all advice. Will the courageous rescue satisfy Jade’s thirst for vengeance? Or is she about to make the worst mistake of her life?


Set in Las Vegas around the year 1999, this suspense novel showcases a collection of massage stories based on the true life experiences of massage therapists who work on the Las Vegas Strip.


Cover art by Joanie Elsten and Demondog.


(2017, Paperback, 520 pages)

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