Isabell Pratt Military Brat

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Isabell Pratt Military Brat

Isabell Pratt Military Brat

By: Denise Mckenzie

About the Book

Isabell Pratt is a normal little girl whose life is about to change in a big, big way! After a misunderstanding with her best friend Julie, whose parents call her a “military brat,” Isabel gives her parents a choice: either Daddy quits the Army or she’s running away.

                But what does it truly mean to be a military brat? Maybe it’s not as bad as it seems!


About the Author

Denise McKenzie is a wife, mother, and ex-military brat. Isabell Pratt Military Brat is inspired her by real-life experiences as a military child.

                McKenzie has worked in the school system for 10 years and loves working with children, watching them learn, and laughing at all of the silly situations they can get themselves into and out of. In fact, the city she works in is where her father retired from the Army. At the time, she was in the third grade.

                McKenzie resides now on a farm in Oklahoma, where she enjoys spending time with her family and all of the animals on the farm.


(2018, Paperback, 40 pages)

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