Insurance Genius

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 Insurance Genius

Insurance Genius: The Commercial Insurance Detective

By: Jeffery R. McIntosh


About the Book

Writing insurance is a team sport. You must pitch a good game, but without teammates also playing well and scoring runs, you won’t win. The best way to get good teammates is to play well yourself. If you want good underwriting, provide good applications. To win, you must present good, appropriate, correct coverage, at a good price (premium) to your client.

Insurance Genius: The Commercial Insurance Detective is designed to give the reader a good start with learning the ins and outs of completing commercial insurance Applications correctly and completely. All you have to do is add the desire and dedication to flourish. Rewards await.


About the Author

Jeffery R. McIntosh graduated from the University of Kentucky in 1986 with a bachelor of general studies degree. After a suggestion from his father that he would make a good insurance agent, Jeff decided to pursue a career in that field. He started working for a small agency that wrote commercial insurance and contractor surety bonds in February 1987. That spring he acquired his Property and Casualty license and later that year his Life and Health Insurance license.

Jeff has acted as an agent advisor to several different insurance carriers in his career. He has served on a State worker compensation funding board, appointed by the governor, and he has written articles for safety publications and insurance agents’ associations. He has been a speaker and part of a dispute resolution board.

Still active as a commercial insurance agent, Jeff currently lives in Lexington, Kentucky.


(2020, Hardcover, 296 Pages)