In Search of Hallelujahs - eBook

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In Search of Hallelujahs - eBook

In Search of Hallelujahs

By: Jean-Bertho Almonord


About the Book

In Search of Hallelujahs tells the story of Jean, a man born in Saint-Louis du Nord, Haiti. He is ingenuous and beats death at its own game many times in his life. If there is a problem Jean cannot solve with his own resourcefulness, he looks to God.

This book treats many thought-provoking questions. Can Christianity coexist with the occult? Is Christianity relevant? Is the occult relevant? Is Catholicism relevant? Is Protestantism relevant? Can Protestantism coexist with Catholicism?


About the Author

Jean-Bertho Almonord came to America at the age of ten. He graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with joint bachelor’s degrees in electrical engineering and computer science. He worked several years as an engineer and became an author at the age of thirty-seven.


(2020, eBook)