I Survived

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I Survived

I Survived        

My Route Into and Out of Psychosis (and Other Writings)

By: J. E. Clay

About the Book

I am about to take you, the reader, on a perilous journey from the backwoods of Idaho to the city of Minneapolis, from a relatively normal childhood to a dizzying adulthood, from hallucinating to other manifestations of psychosis. Along the way, experiencing life in jail, homelessness, lung cancer, and terrifying emotional symptoms.

I wrote this book, first of all, in the hopes that it would inspire empathy and hope for people who experience mental illness and cancer and perpetuate those qualities in those who know and love them.


About the Author

J. E. Clay holds a Master’s Degree in Special Needs Education and has taught in excellent school systems and programs for over twenty years educating all age groups from Head Start youngsters to adults. She was also responsible for overseeing two aides. Her hobbies are writing, playing Bridge, producing fashion shows, and reading. Her writings had appeared in local newspapers as well as online and national magazines. She is a widow and currently lives in a luxury retirement complex with her dog Pepper, a mini-Dachshund. She follows the Patriots, Red Sox, and Celtics religiously.


(2019, Paperback, 130 pages)

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