I Am Sara: Book 1: Monsters Are Real

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I Am Sara: Book 1: Monsters Are Real

I Am Sara: Book 1: Monsters Are Real

By: B Jamie Delaney


About the Book

The stakes are high.

As a young girl runs for her life, the truth will be revealed about the many types of monsters that live in the world—some more unexpected than others. Who can she trust… if anyone?

In I am Sara: Book 1: Monsters are Real, readers will follow young Sara as she enters a flooded forest to rescue a young puppy, and ends up battling a 750 pound predatory monster in a fight to the death.


About the Author

B Jamie Delaney grew up on a small Midwestern farm. He has lived in six different countries and thirteen states. He has three college degrees. Today, Delaney is retired. He is a dog-lover, tree-hugger, husband, father, grandfather, and a golfer, who greatly enjoys writing.


(2020, Paperback, 284 Pages)


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