How to Make African Countries Stable: Bangne Plan

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How to Make African Countries Stable: Bangne Plan

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How to Make African Countries Stable: Bangne Plan
by Abel Bangne

In How to Make African Countries Stable: Bangne Plan, author Abel Bangne urges his fellow Africans to force their leaders to take responsibility for the political instability of their respective countries rather than blaming the West for their current plight. While he acknowledges Western countries roles in the financing and organization of modern African wars, as well as the legacies of slavery and colonization, Bangne believes that Africans must choose to unite in pursuit of the rights and freedoms enjoyed by members of Western societies. Bangne does not suggest that Africans should blindly mimic the governments of Europe and America; rather, the Bangne Plan advocates the establishment of democratic, peaceful political systems that take into account the unique cultural and traditional attributes of each African country.

Bangne envisions an Africa whose best and brightest no longer must flee their homeland for fear of persecution; an Africa that contributes to scientific, technological, and economic development on a global scale; an Africa whose citizens are seen as equals by the rest of the world. The Bangne Plan is a detailed blueprint of the governmental and social infrastructure necessary to create a peaceful, stable, free Africathe Africa of the future.

About the Author

A native of Abidjan, Cte dIvoire, Abel Bangne became a naturalized citizen of the United Kingdom in 1998 and earned his BSc in pharmaceutical science from London Metropolitan University in 2005. Bangne lives in London with his wife Tihe Anne Marie and enjoys music and the cinema.

(2011, paperback, 52 pages)