How Santa Got a Unicorn for Christmas - eBook

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How Santa Got a Unicorn for Christmas - eBook

How Santa Got a Unicorn for Christmas

By: Sharon Freyaldenhoven

About the Book

When Rudolph’s nose fails to light up, who will lead the sleigh on Christmas Eve? Luckily, the elves have an idea, and this time it’s Santa who will be getting a Christmas gift!


About the Author

Sharon Freyaldenhoven is the mother of two and grandmother of five. She is a member of the Chamber of Commerce and a Rotarian. She likes to donate to her local homeless shelters and has worked in business, education, and retail. She’s volunteered for over forty years in the Miss America Scholarship system and belongs to the Conway Writers Group. Freyaldenhoven is a believer in education whether it is at the college or vocational level and in helping others when they are down. Above all, she believes in the spirit of Christmas, which was given to us by our Lord and Savior.


(2018, eBook)